What is CSIR NET Exam and Difference Between UGC NET & CSIR NET Exam

What is CSIR NET Exam and Difference Between UGC NET & CSIR NET Exam


What is CSIR NET Exam and CSIR NET Exam Full Form

CSIR NET exam, commonly known as The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), is an essential exam for students who want to build their career in research and development, i.e., R&D. The CSIR NET exam can be taken by the candidate who has good knowledge in Science and technology who take science stream in 11th class after completing their 10th board exams.

The CSIR NET Exam is a national-level entrance exam in india, It is for the PhD junior-level internship and the lectureship for both job openings. Sometimes, students need clarification on the UGC NET and CSIR UGC NET exams. The CSIR UGC NET examination is also called the CSIR NET Exam but differs from the UGC NET Examination.

Career Choices After CSIR NET Exam

Students can have two choices after cracking the CSIR NET Exam or the CSIR UGC NET Examination, which we mention below.

  1. Lectureship/Assistant Professor: The students can have the option to do the lectureship in reputed colleges under the NTA after completing the cut-off, which is approximately 100/200 marks after applying to the colleges.
  2. Junior Research Fellowship(JRF): The CSIR NET Students also have another option: becoming JRF students. The JRF is students can become junior researchers under any PhD holder or researcher/scientist; the basic cut-off for JRF is 120/200 Marks.

Students can also apply for their PhD, and the government will provide them to the student, more likely 32,000Rs/month to 34,000Rs/Month for the first two years and 36,000Rs to 40,000Rs per month for three years for doing research. Checkout our recently published blog For other important career options after CSIR NET Exam.

How many times are CSIR NET Exams conducted in a Year

The UGC NET and the CSIR NET Exam are conducted two times a year. The first Exam is shown in June month, and the second time is shown in December month. At the time of COVID-19, the Exam was not conducted in the proper season, but currently, in 2023, it is driven by NTA smoothly two times a year.

Difference Between the UGC NET and CSIR NET Exam

Difference between CSIR NET and UGS NET Exam

The NTA, a private agency, conducts THE UGC NET Exam and the CSIR UGC NET Exam exam, but the one who supports the NTA and gives the funds to the NTA is as per the Exam. Likely, if we talk about the UGC NET exam, the funding agency will be the UGC agency, but if we talk about the CSIR UGC NET, the funding agency will be UGC(University Grants Commission) or CSIR.

Another fundamental difference is that if the students crack the CSIR JRF exam and become JRF students, the central council will provide a stipend to the CSIR JRF students. Still, if the UGC student breaks the UGC and becomes a UGC Student, the UGC will be responsible for providing the student to the student, and in both cases, the stipend will be the same for both students.

Tips and Trick To Crack CSIR NET Life Science Exam

Subject Cover in UGC NET and CSIR UGC NET Exam

Five subjects cover the NET Exam, and both are different for different students.

  1. CSIR NET Earth Science
  2. CSIR NET Chemical Science
  3. CSIR NET Life Science
  4. CSIR NET Mathematical Science
  5. CSIR NET Physical Science

The first subject, earth science, is for those students who still need to have a science site in their 11th standard and have Arts or commerce stream, the arts and commerce students can take the earth science Exam and can become the JRF or assistant professor and eligible to do their PhD with a government stipend.

Is CSIR NET Exam Tough To Crack?

The four other subjects, which are Chemical science, Life science, math science and physical Science, are all for students from the science stream in the 11th standard and can become the JRF or Junior Professor.

Exam Pattern For CSIR UGC NET Exam and UGC NET Exam For 2024

There are three papers concluded in the UGC NET exam. The first paper is paper A, the second paper is paper B, and the third is paper C checkout the syllabus for CSIR NET Life Science for 2024

Difference Between CSIR NET Paper A, paper B and Paper C

Paper A/Part A: This paper is conducted by the NTA with the questions of general aptitude reasoning, where students can answer the question with their available reason as per their preparation.
Paper B/Part B: Part B is conducted by the NTA with the question of kind of Multiple choice questions on the one-line answer type, which is memorial base
Paper C/Part C: Part C is conducted by the NTA standard question, which is short form and the long form answer type, where the mark for each question is 4.


We can conclude that the CSIR NET exam is just an exam like another exam that the NTA agency conducts, and the Exam is for those students who want to become junior professors or junior research fellowships.

FAQ For What is CSIR and Difference Between CSIR and UGC CSIR NET

Ans: CSIR NET Exam is an Exam which is conducted by the NTA(National Testing Agency) for those students who want to become a Junior Research Fellowship(JRF) or Assistant professor.
Ans: The primary difference between UGC and CSIR UGC NET is UGC is for students who want to become JRF, and CSIR UGC is for those who want to become junior professors/Lecturers..
Ans: Anyone can sit in the CSIR NET Exam from any stream of Arts/Commerce/Science, but the arts/commerce can only have one option, which is earth science, and the science stream has many options like chemical science, physical Science, math science and life science.
Ans: The First and one trusted coaching for online preparation for CSIR net life science is calsnetexam, where the student has more than 90% results every year.

What is CSIR NET Exam and Difference Between UGC NET & CSIR NET Exam
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