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ABOUT competitive world of CSIR NET, SET and GATE:

The result of these exams remain less than 1%, so people believe that qualifying these exams are close to impossible. Though our belief is, continual efforts and smart work can surely make you to go in that 1%, which qualifies the exam.

We started our first batch in July 2016 (Keeping December 2016 CSIR NET exam as a target). In the exam of CSIR NET Dec 2016, we have three successful candidates. This success boosted CALS team to work even harder to help students achieve their goals. CALS is one of those very few institutes who could taste success in their first batch.

CALS results Mh-SET Jan 2017

CALS CSIR NET Dec 2017 results

CALS GATE 2018 result

Successful candidates in CSIR NET June 2017  (Life Sciences)


Suyash Sawale, JRF (NET) CSIR AIR 129. Seat no. 351858

Manish Bhat, JRF (NET) UGC AIR 25. Seat no. 352615

Amruta Shendge, JRF (NET) UGC AIR 93. Seat no. 350123

CALS,  NET-LS AIR 12. Seat no. 350370







Successful candidates of Mh-SET April 2017 exam (Life Sciences)

CSIR NET classes in Mumbai

Amruta Shendge, Seat no. 707582

Tejal Mandalkar, Seat no. 707092

Suyash Sawale, Seat no. 707523









Successful candidates in CSIR NET December 2016  (Life Sciences)

CSIR NET classes in Mumbai

Amruta (CSIR NET LS- AIR 89) Seat No. 357241

Tejashree (CSIR NET JRF-AIR 66) Seat no: 356952

CALS, (CSIR NET LS-AIR 30) Seat no: 356951